Chiara Liuti - носитель итальянского языка

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Меня зовут Chiara Liuti. Я носитель итальянского языка. Я только начала изучать русский язык, но я очень хорошо говорю по-английски.

I’m a very positive person, active and sweet. My mother is a primary teacher, and we have the same passion for children: they can give you so much, and you can learn a lot from them.

I’m also a lover of culture and education, as I know how much important it is for everyone. Even though it could be hard sometimes, with the right method and a lot of patience you can see evident results. It’s fundamental anyway to catch the right method, that is different from child to child.

I grow up in a school, and experience of my mother and colleagues taught me a lot. I love sport (I have a diploma of fitness instructor), music and art: I think or better, I strongly believe that a good environment for growing up and living is made up of education, politeness, love and care.

I’m a very reserved and discrete person: mutual respect comes always for first.

I’m fond of healthy life: as all Italians, we love good cooking, but healthy. I’m always careful about all the products that come to our contact.

I’m very keen of travelling to, usually for Art exhibition or concert/ballet (I was a ballet dancer for 7 years).


  • Nanny/tutor
  • Teacher of Business English for entrepreneurs who were expanding their activities abroad. The lesson style wasn’t very “academic” but had a more practical tone: their available time was in the evening time and sometimes in the week end so we had to do the best to have a fast learning process!


  • Стоимость 1 часа в евро от: 17
  • Проводимые курсы:: Туристический, Разговорный, Общий
  • Возраст учеников:: Взрослые


0 #2 Яна Ч. 11.08.2017 12:25
Здравствуйте Киара. Моя дочь Полина хочет изучать итальянский. Ей 10 лет мы живем во Франции. По пятницам, один раз в неделю, в 18 часов Спасибо заранее за ответ
0 #1 Alex01 11.08.2017 12:24
Изучение итальянского языка считается достаточно легким. Итальянская грамматика не таит в себе особых сложностей, все слова произносятся четко и понятно. Какие бы причины не побудили вас к изучению итальянского языка, учить его, такой яркий, живой и экспрессивный язык – одно удовольствие.

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